At Creative Catering, we are a from-scratch caterer, which means we are not limited to premade items! We make everything from scratch and can custom create a menu specifically for your event!

Peruse the menus below for inspiration, and contact us to customize your own menu based on your needs or budget.

If you are planning a wedding, please contact us by email or phone directly to discuss your event needs and to plan the perfect menu for your special day.

Creative Catering 2023 Master Menu

This menu shares our standard pricing for all types of needs and is designed for pick up or drop off of corporate events and/or small home events.

Appetizer Ideas

When planning an appetizer event, the timing of the event dictates the quantity of options needed. If your event is during a meal time, you should offer 23 vegetarian and 23 meat options that include vegan and gluten free choices. If your event is in between meal times, before a full meal, or just a snack, 12 of each would be sufficient.

Food Station Ideas

Food stations can be paired together for a fun tapas style party. Each station averages around $8 per person. Individually, these can also be a great team afternoon event for a job well done! Each station is customizable and can be as extensive as your imagination.

Entrée Ideas

When menu planning, we suggest choosing one to two entrées, and then, we can guide you in selecting accompaniments based on your budget.

Picnic Side Options

These are some ideas for fun side options for your next picnic or BBQ. Pair them with a couple of our entrees for a full meal.

We also have a full service bakery for you to select any desserts or sweets you’d like to add to your catering order. All bakery services are customizable, but for a general price list, see our Bakery Order Form.